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Dr Tim Nathan uses Advanced Biobot Robotic Prostate Biopsy System

 Dr Tim Nathan is now using the advanced Biobot iSR'obot™ Mona Lisa, robotic prostate biopsy system to greatly improve the accuracy of prostate cancer diagnosis. Accurate diagnosis is critical for choosing the appropriate treatment in men with prostate cancer. It is important to distinguish aggressive cancers that will need to be removed surgically, from very slow growing cancers that can just be monitored.

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The revolutionary Biobot iSR'obot™ Mona Lisa precisely guides the biopsy needle to areas of suspected cancer seen on a pre-operative MRI scan, far more accurately than a surgeon can do "free hand", which is how most prostate biopsies are currently performed. Also the risk of infection is virtually eliminated because the Biobot iSR'obot™ Mona Lisa takes biopsies through the perineum (skin behind the scrotum) after it has been cleaned with an antiseptic. In contrast, most urologists still take prostate biopsies big progressive jackpot through the rectum which cannot be adequately decontaminated due to the presence of stool, thus risking introduction of faecal bacteria into the blood stream, which can occasionally lead to septicaemia (blood poisoning).

The improved accuracy and virtual elimination of serious infective complications using the Biobot iSR'obot™ Mona Lisa is a major advance in prostate cancer diagnosis for men on the Sunshine Coast.