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Foreskin-Sparing Surgery for Phimosis including Frenuloplasty

What is a frenuloplasty?

The frenulum is the fold of skin joining the foreskin to the underside of the head of the penis. Sometimes the frenulum can become tight, causing discomfort or tearing, especially with erections. A frenuloplasty is an operation to make the frenulum less tight, without needing to remove the foreskin entirely.

How is it performed?

The operation is usually performed under a general anaesthetic but occasionally may be done under a local anaesthetic. It is usually done as a day-case procedure, which means that you will be allowed home 3-4 hours after you have recovered from your general anaesthetic.

A cut is made over the frenulum to release the tight skin, and some dissolvable sutures are put in so that the skin can heal in a tension-free way.

What are the risks, consequences and alternatives associated with having a frenuloplasty?

Most procedures are straightforward; however as with any surgical procedure there is a chance of side effects or complications.


  • Bleeding from the wound occasionally needing a further procedure.
  • Wound infection that requires antibiotics.
  • Persistence of absorbable stitches after 3-4 weeks requiring removal.
  • Recurrence of the tightness requiring another operation.


  • Scar tenderness, rarely long term.

Alternatives to frenuloplasty

  • Do nothing.
  • Circumcision (operation to remove the foreskin).

Post-operative care and discharge

After the effects of your general anaesthetic pass, you may eat and drink. There will be some dissolvable stitches and a dressing. You will be able to pass urine with this on, and we advise you to keep the dressing on overnight.

For the next 7 days, you may shower and lightly wash the area of the wound with water. There is no need to use any creams or lotions and a dressing is not usually required after 24 hours.

The penis may look swollen and red, which is quite normal and settles with time. Some scabs may also form over the wound site – again this is quite normal and these will flake off with time. When the stitches start to dissolve, the wound can look gluey. Do not worry about this, once the stitched have fallen out the cosmetic appearance of the penis will be much better.

You should avoid sexual intercourse and masturbation for 4-6 weeks.

You should generally be able to return to normal activity after 2-3 days.


This information is intended as a general educational guide and may not apply to your situation. You must not rely on this information as an alternative to consultation with your urologist or other health professional.

Not all potential complications are listed, and you must talk to your urologist about the complications specific to your situation.